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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Annual FWP Leadership Conference

Friday, May 14, 2010 - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Annual FWP Leadership ConferenceOcala, Florida

Principles over Party, Personality, and Profits

If you believe in
Principles over Party, Personality, and Profits
join the Florida Whig Party

Douglas Shearer, Chairman Paul Truesdell Chairman Paul Truesdell, Florida Whig Party Chairman Paul Truesdell, Florida Whig Party Henry DeGeneste, Florida Whig
Dr. Douglas Shear & Chairman Truesdell share a laugh before the Vice Chairman DeGeneste's meeting. Chairman Truesdell explains unity of Principles over Party, Personality, and Profit for We the People. Vice Chairman Henry DeGeneste talks about the Declaration of Principles, the Decade of Cooperation, and the organizational structure of the Florida Whig Party.
Florida Whig Party
Clayton Schock, Jason Rogoski, John Annarumma, Mrs. Konstantino, Dr. Douglas Shearer, Steve Bacon, Mr. Kostantino, Vice Chairman Henry DeGeneste
Florida Whig Candidates, Modern Whig
John Annarumma, Clayton Schock, Jason Rogoski, Steve Gerritzen, Alex Snitker discussing the Fair Tax.
Florida Whig Party Meet the Candidates
John Annarumma (Whig), Henry Degeneste (Whig), Dr. Douglas Shearer (Whig), Steve Bacon (Whig), Steve Gerritzen (Whig), Clayton Schock (Whig), Alex Snitker (Libertarian), Don Browning (Republican)
 Annarumma, Don Browning Florida Whig Party
Opponents John Annarumma (Whig) and Don Browning (Republican) agree that Incumbent Clifford Bundy Stearns (Republican) of the 6th Congressional District needs to retire after 22 years in Congress; 24 is simply too long. Alaska resident pledges to Chairman Truesdell to join the Florida Whig Party and begin building a group of Whigs in his home state.

Endorsement for the United States Senate

Endorsement for the United States Senate
 Snitker, Chairman Paul Truesdell, Dr. Douglas Shearer 
Alex Snitker, Chairman Truesdell, and Dr. Douglas Shear at the April 26th meeting in Ocala.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wikipedia & Modern Whigs

Fellow Florida Whigs

If you go to Wikipedia and look up Florida Whig you will find that the information is inaccurate.  There is nothing we can do to fix this other than take legal action against the responsible parties; which will be discussed at the next meeting of the board of directors.  A known subject who edits the Wikipedia site for the Modern Whigs is the same individual who continues to alter the Wikipedia site for the Florida Whig Party.  All communications to Wikipedia have been unsuccessful in locking the page.  If you would like to assist the FWP in fixing the problem with Wikipedia, call or email Party Headquarters. 

The "hacker" on the Wikipedia site states the following: Businessman Craig Porter, however, did qualify for the ballot as a Florida Whig. Porter described himself to Neil Cavuto on Fox News that he was a conservative candidate and then endorsed Republican Senate Candidate Marco Rubio for office. Craig Porter did not endorse Marco Rubio.  See the video below.

The Florida Whig Party encourages all Florida Whigs to contact Wikipedia and complain about the known individual who enjoys posting on the Florida Whig Party site of Wikipedia and that of the Modern Whigs.  Since the Modern Whigs have been without a Chair since December of 2009, they are a political club that is rudderless; however, accountability and liability remains in full force.

Although we have ignored the modern children who play dirty politics, there comes a time when bad little boys need to be spanked.  That time has come. You would think that "Whigs" could get along, but the intolerant modern liberal side has a serious problem with the tolerant classical liberal.
Florida Whigs must always remember to value Principles over Party, Personality, and Profits and pitty the pinheads.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good or Bad

Firearms in Vehicles - Click HERE

The Florida Whig Party wants to hear from you.  Click on the link above and read the article.  Discuss the pros and cons of gun owner rights versus property owner rights from a constitutional, legislative, and practical view. Take both sides and engage your Whig Coalitions. 

Ponder, evaluate, and just plain think about it. This should not be an easy task for anyone as this provides each of us with an example of how difficult it was for our founding American Whigs to balance competing constitutional rights. 

Use the contact form to tell us what you think.  Reply once, twice, or  more as you run the gamut of pros and cons.  As we receive your comments, those that are thoughtful and unemotional will be added to this page without attribution in order to keep the free flow of an open discussion ongoing for a couple of weeks.